We are sure that the Polish justice will punish that man severely.

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Dear OB Prof. Dr. Karbaum;

The action undertook by the DSU-deputy is for the Polish people unacceptable. You can read thousands of thousand opinions onn the Internet, e.g. Wirtualna Polska or Onet, which condemn that kind of attitude.
We expect that DSU-deputy not only will be condemned by your Stadtrat, but also will be punished by the German justice. We are sure that the Polish justice will punish that man severely.

If this does not happen, we are sure that the Polish-German relationships, so good in the recent years, will turn into a chain of mutual accusasions and political tension.

You, Germans are responsible for the II WW and all con sequences deriving from that fact including banishment of thousands of Germans. Let us remind you, however, that 80% of the German society has actively supported the Hitler's policy untill the famous German defeat nearby KURSK, Russia in 1943. Only then, slowly, very slowly Germans started to think that perhaps things will not go so smoothly as so far. The active support of the Hitler's policy denotes that that society expected some benefits from that policy (not forget about joy from the conquest of Poland, destruction of Warsaw, and death of millions of Poles. We will never forget! And we can promise you one thing for sure: if you continue or accept the policy of the Neo-nazzi, if you do not stop them, we will fight for our freedom, for justice, and for peace. The history of the second world war will never be repeated.

K. Modzelewski
Krotoszyn, Polska

via Email // Published at 05.08.2004 - 00:05:56


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